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Board of Directors
The Richmond Youth Academy is blessed with many volunteers throughout the year. We cherish all your support and ask that you consider yourselves part of a growing and hard working family of friends, neighbors and community members. We share a vision in the success of our youth and we have demonstrated the will to help guide them as they grow into young adults. We are proud of the youth's growth and commitment and are tremedously thankful for the hours you have spent supporting the academy through your deeds.
Board Members
Engineer Rico Rincon ~ President
Engineer Anthony Woodards ~ Vice President Captain Angel Bobo ~ Vice President
Fire Inspector Eric Govan-Mendoza ~ Treasurer
Firefighter Steven Harris ~ Secretary
RYA ~ Parent Board Members
Richmond Youth Academy
Richmond Youth Academy
Richmond Youth Academy, 3510 Cutting Boulevard, Richmond, CA 94804 • (510) 236-2222 • 501(c)3 Tax ID #: 94-3168490
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